Kreda VegyOil-gel

VegyOil-gel is a natural oil-soluble food dyes, which are sure to appeal to supporters of a healthy diet who appreciate natural colours and vegetable ingredients in culinary creativity.

The professional line of gel oil-soluble KREDA food dyes gives unlimited possibilities to create colour in chocolate and bases with a high oil content (more than 50%).Healthy desserts can become attractive and diverse thanks to VegyOil-gel! The palette of natural dyes (6 colors) opens up wide possibilities for creating natural desserts, including for baby food.

VegyOil-gel is your confidence in the result: the accuracy of the colour from batch to batch will allow you to repeat colors and shades many times, and the gel formula will ensure easy implementation and preserve the properties of the base. VegyOil-gel can be injected into the base without restrictions to create the desired colour.

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