Kreda S-gel

S-gel concentrate has a wide range of applications, such as mastic, cream, drinks, dough, icing, jelly.
S-gel concentrate is made on a natural basis and contains at least 90% natural ingredients.
Efficient due to its high concentration.
S-gel has an optimal gel consistency, which allows you to quickly and easily mix the additive into any base without changing its properties (it does not thin, thicken, does not curl up and does not fall into flakes).
Withstands thermal influences up to 220 degrees, which allows it to be used in various types of baked goods and caramel.
All S-gel colors are perfectly mixed with each other, which makes it possible to obtain an unlimited number of shades and halftones.
For coloring fat bases, use the F01 mixing component in a 1: 1 ratio with any color from the S-gel range.
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